Educational Toy based on the Montessori Method

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It is said that parents are the child’s first teachers. So, if you were to look in the future, what would you like to teach your son or daughter?

And how exactly would you make them listen?

It is important to speak the same language as your child and as you know, their reaction to words such as fun, games, playtime is always priceless!
To become the most valuable teacher your child will ever have, you need this!

This educational toy will provide you quality time with your son or daughter, teaching him or her as an excuse to enjoy them while they learn.
This Montessori item is about to change everything you knew about toys! For the first time, learning is fun and kids just can’t get enough of it, but, over everything, because they are learning with their parents!

Recommended, mostly, for children 2 years and older.